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About Us

" The way of great learning consists in manifesting one's bright virtue, consists in loving the people, consists in stopping in perfect goodness ", is for Universal Eye Centers' purpose is to provide excellent quality of medical services to bring people's vision health, and eye and vision care for people,so that everyone sees more clearly, more comfortable.

1. " Laser presbyopia and myopia surgery" awarded the honor of the certification and trademark license of Symbol of National Quality (SNQ) of Taiwan, and that means safety and quality. The Universal Eye Center always pursues the outstanding quality and perfected service, The Universal Eye Center be amply trusted and highly praised by Chinese and foreign authoritative institutions.

2. The first enterprise which was consecutive certified by three times "JCI" of the professional eye care chain clinics (JCI: Joint Commission International);

The first stock-listed enterprise of eye care chain clinics in Taiwan (code 3218).

The Business Philosophy of Universal Eye Center Group: “Medical services-based, Optometry specialized and faith of aesthetics” . There are 19 Universal Eye Centers, 65 Universal Eyeglasses Stores and 5 Universal Plastic Surgery clinics. We are committed to providing the best full-services for vision healthcare. Tel: 0571-88899281

Brand Concept

See the good, see the future

The largest listed eye group in Chinese Taiwan,The Universal Eye Center Group;the largest listed Health Examination Centre in China, Zhejiang Dian Diagnostics Co., Ltd. The "Tai-Xue Eye Center Group",which is the combination of the Universal Eye Center and Dian. Tai-Xue develops for a brand new eye healthcare branding, specializing in Myopia and Presbyopia Laser Surgery, children and adolescents myopia control, dry eye SPA and other eye disease treatments.

At present, the mainland China, in addition to the Shanghai Ruidong Hospital, Suzhou BenQ Hospital, Ningbo City First hospital has become as strategic partners; The Ningbo Tai-xue eye Center, Hangzhou Tai-Xue eye Center has been established. Further, Xiaoshan and Yiwu Ophthalmology Hospital are opening preparation. Our business operation scale is continuously expanding in the future.

The Universal Eye Center Group is based on vertical integration and provides the total solutions of visual health of the eyes for people’s birth with zero age. Our faith, "entirely eyes healthcare with full age in the life ". The total Solutions of high quality eye care services, which can provide public the Taiwan's Ophthalmologic techniques and the medical humanities services melt into the Taiwan's culture and features. Tel: 0571-88899281

Service features
  • Laser myopia correction

    The high level of the equipments, which has the license of CFDA,US-FDA, CE by countries and medical device regulatory authority of the institutions; NASA and the military approved this technique for astronauts and pilots. So far, There are more than 30 million people have been during laser surgery successfully in the world and enjoy the beautiful visual life.
  • Laser presbyopia and myopia surgery

    Presbyopia, myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia can be treated at same time! The use of femtosecond laser treatment of elderly patient’s cornea gently, creative high quality corneal flap safely, the use of new excimer laser, to bring the far, intermediate and near distance of clear visual acuity.
  • Orthokeratology

    Orthokeratology, is a physical method with non-surgical correction, using overnight contact lens to correct myopia while you are asleep. All of the process without surgery, no mydriatic eye drops,and see well all day without glasses.
Clinic Environment

"The design of the past medical institutions focused on providing better support to the healthcare team, rather than paying attention to the directly needs of the patient." The Tai-Xue Eye Center are decorated in natural wood elements, brightly white colors, vivid curves design, fully use of natural daylighting, this makes patients feel safety, relaxed and comfortable clinic environment. Tel: 0571-88899281